At the core of our business are ethical business principles and practices with the aim of looking after our people

On Your Scooter

Many workers in India have to walk or cycle long distances to get to work.  This can take several hours each day, with some walking as much as 20 kilometres.

This can seriously affect people’s quality of life and reduce the time they can spend with their families away from the workplace.

To solve this problem we launched our ‘On your Scooter’ policy and bought a fleet of company scooters, dramatically cutting the time of our staff’s daily commute.

This has improved the lives of workers such as Selina, a 22 year-old graduate in Computer Applications who manages a team of 15 people.

Since getting her scooter, Selina and her family enjoy greater personal freedom as well as making her journey to and from work much quicker and safer.


Equality of Working Standards

We believe in offering equal working standards regardless of the country in which our teams are based.

Our team in India benefit from paid leave (not a requirement under Indian employment law), flexible working hours, health insurance and the same holidays and benefits as our team in the UK.

The same is true for the ‘softer’ benefits of being at work, air-conditioning, regular team nights out, free food and drink in the office and support if needed to buy computers for home use or help with opening bank accounts.

These may sound insignificant, but such simple considerations are far from the norm for many outsourcing businesses based in India or other countries where labour is cheaper than in the UK.

As a result we enjoy a very happy and stable team with high retention rates – 50% of our staff have over 3 years service and 20% have been with the company for at least 6 years.


Promoting Training and Education

It is a sad fact that, despite legislation enshrining the right to education, the Indian government refuses to enforce this if a parent opts not to send their child to school.

While many of our employees are well educated, some are not – we take our commitment to training people who fall into both camps equally seriously.

Alongside our more technical training – equipping our workers with the skills they need to compete in a digital economy – we also offer support for a more basic education if needed.

Akash exemplifies this approach.  He joined us as Chai Wallah (a traditional role in Indian society – essentially the tea boy) and we’ve supported him to complete his education, providing time off work to attend classes and study.

As a result Akash can now read and write basic English as well a Hindi and Punjabi, equipping him for a much brighter future and giving him a greater sense of personal pride.


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